Buğra Erdem

Senior Legal Adviser

Buğra joined the IIJ in July 2021 as Senior Judicial Advisor, seconded by the Government of Türkiye. He brings to the IIJ considerable expertise on Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) in criminal matters. One of the youngest judges to work at the Ministry of Justice of Türkiye by both age and precedence, Buğra has been working as a judge since 2016 and has been with the Ministry of Justice’s Directorate General for Foreign Relations and EU Affairs since 2017. Buğra was also a part of the Turkish delegations to CDPC, PC-OC, and GRECO of the Council of Europe, and served as the rapporteur for GRECO’s fourth evaluation round of Czechia and Romania. He has represented Türkiye at various international events at the Council of Europe and United Nations and helped create bilateral agreements on mutual legal assistance. Buğra holds a Bachelor of Law degree from Çankaya University and a Master of Law degree in Criminal and Criminal Procedure Law from Ankara University. He is also studying for a Bachelor of Arts in History and working on a Master of Law degree in the Law of the Sea, both at Ankara University.

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