Juvenile Justice Initiative

The Juvenile Justice Initiative supports implementation and operationalisation of the GCTF’s Neuchâtel Memorandum on Good Practices for Juvenile Justice in a Counterterrorism Context through regional and sector-specific capacity-building and the development of practitioner-oriented tools for those managing juvenile cases. The IIJ is proud to have played a key role in the development of these important good practices, and is now a leading implementer, working with criminal justice practitioners at the national, regional and sectoral levels. 

This Initiative has included the development of the IIJ Juvenile Justice Toolkit, and a highly successful series of regional workshops supporting operationalisation of the Neuchâtel Memorandum good practices.  

Current work is focused on supporting practitioners at the sectoral level. Integrating perspectives, lessons learned and challenges identified by practitioners in five IIJ-led regional workshops throughout 2018 and 2019, the IIJ has developed a set of Practitioners’ Notes – one each for prosecutors, judges, investigators, defence counsels and detention officials – to support and guide operationalisation of the Neuchâtel Memorandum. The IIJ Practitioners’ Notes are set for launch in November 2021.

The IIJ is also working at the national level, at the request of partner governments, to support practitioners in their specific contexts.

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Sustainable Impact: IIJ Alumnae operationalising the Neuchâtel Good Practices

The IIJ Juvenile Justice Initiative is not only impacting the individual practitioners with whom we work, but it is delivering sustainable impact for national institutions.

A recent example from Thailand:

IIJ-led capacity-building on juvenile diversion programmes as an alternative to prosecution so changed the perspectives of two alumnae from Thailand that they were determined to share the benefits of their training with their fellow national prosecutors.

Ms. Thiraporn Suriseehasathian (pictured), Provincial Public Prosecutor, and Ms. Uthaiwan Jamsutee, Senior Expert Public Prosecutor, both from the Department of Juvenile Litigation, Office of the Attorney General (OAG), were so empowered by what they had learned that they took the initiative to translate into Thai action points from the new IIJ Prosecutors’ Juvenile Justice Practitioner Note, based on the Neuchâtel Good Practices. Then, they worked with the Department of Juvenile Litigation in Thailand’s Office of the Attorney General (OAG) to conduct training on juvenile diversion for 80 public prosecutors.

By initiating this national-level training, these alumnae are not only paying forward the benefit of their IIJ training, but they are serving as ambassadors for the further implementation of the GCTF’s Neuchâtel Good Practices and the treatment of children in their jurisdiction.

In Action

IIJ Juvenile Justice Initiative: Practitioners’ Notes – Focus Group Meeting

In March 2019, the IIJ convened a Practitioners’ Notes – Focus Group Meeting under the auspices of the IIJ Juvenile Justice Initiative. The meeting brought together 38 practitioners and experts with deep experience with juvenile justice in a counterterrorism context. The...

Practitioner Tools & Resources

Neuchâtel Memorandum on Good Practices on Juvenile Justice in a Counterterrorism Context

IIJ Toolkit on Juvenile Justice in a Counter-Terrorism Context

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Administration of Juvenile Justice (Beijing Rules)